Kebun Baru Villas NC in Singapore

Kebun Baru Villas Neighbourhood Community (NC) is the residential zone designated new gardenunder the jurisdiction of a  Committee of which I am a member of.  All these revolves in a part of district called Ang Mo Kio in Singapore.

Kebun Baru Villas Neighbourhood Community (KB Villas NC) covers 14 streets and more than 700 homes in Kebun Baru which is part of the Nee Soon GRC (Group Residential Constituencies).  Noticeably, most of the street names have adopted fauna names because of this “new garden” concept. Each street has its own characteristics & varied neighbours who live & inter-mingle cohesively.

Types of housing

HIstorically, most houses in this area (Sembawang Hills estate) were built in the 1950’s.   This district was commonly known “Ngn Par Keng” (200 houses) then. Topographical pictures show the undulating hills on which most of the houses stand.  As the years progressed, new developments were added eg Ellington Square & St Nicholas View. Many homes are in the vicinity of HDB flats which makes KB Villas NC “uniquely private”, and enables  public buses to service our community.

KB Villas NC home types are made up of bungalows, semi-dettached, and terraces, with the absence of condominiums in the mix. Some of these home types may be single to 3 or 4 storeys in height.

1.Ellington Square

This development was completed in the 1990’s with20161018_162634
about 100 units built around the central garden/ playground.  The name was adopted to distinguish it from the original name “Wellington” which is another 20161018_162416housing project elsewhere.  Currently, the playground has been renovated, with lush vegetations surrounding the exercise park equipment.



2.Jalan Batai

A single deadend lane running parallel to the busy Upper Thomson Road.  20161027_162318There are about 20 homes along this peaceful lane,  served by a row of shophouses which includes restaurants, pubs and shops.  It is an uniquely narrow 2-way dead-end street, which demands much co-operation among neighbours especially to manage the traffic flow.



3. Jalan Chempedak

More than 40 houses are on this street.20161018_161011
It is noted that most houses have undergone extensive renovations after the new owners  move in in recent years. (A common phenomena among private landed properties these days)



4. Jalan Chengam

It is one of the longest streets in Sembawang Hills Estate, and has more than 80 houses20161018_161358 along this street. There are several streets which run perpendicularly into this street. This gives inter-connectivity among  neighbours, 20161018_160657and adds to the livability in this part of estate.


5. Jalan Lanjut

This street depicts the hilly nature of the entire estate.

As shown in the photo, the height 20161018_160027difference from both ends is more than 30m (estimated).20161018_160005

There are more than 60 houses along this street which makes it an “uphill task” each time we visit the residents


6. Jalan Leban

Houses (even numbered) have been20161018_161126

designated under KB Villas because of demarcation of boundary for the constituency.

About 50 houses are along this street,

which branches off an adjacent  Jalan Sappan.


7. Jalan Menarong

About 50 houses line this street.  As observed, some of the houses have undergone reconstruction when new owners move in.   As these houses & the surrounding roads were built in the 50’s, there were little or no provision for car parks.  Thus, we noted the congestions along this road.20161018_160641

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the adjoining roads to Jalan Chengam.



8. Jalan Mengkudu

This special short street has the previledge of20161018_161622 having a park view, and the accompanying facilities at Shangri-La Park Playground.

There are about 10 houses along this street.20161018_161557




9. Jalan Rukam

There are about 40 houses along this street.20161018_160830

A relatively short street where peaceful co-existence is order of the day.



10. Jalan Sappan

Short street connecting 2 other major roads 20161018_161146viz Jalan Leban & Jalan Chengam.  There are more than 20 houses on this street.


11. Jalan Tarum

More than 40 houses stretch along this street, 20161018_161257

and have varied housing types.  Active participation of activities is the spitit of residents here.



12. Shangri-La Close

Part of the newer housing projects (1970’s) added to the Sembawang Hills Estates.  20161029_073030

This is a steep sloped street and has about 20 houses.


13. Shangri-La Walk

Access to the 40+ houses is via one 20161019_114319entrance to this street.  As Shangri-La Project was relatively new (in relation to Sembawang Hills estate), the planners had allowed wider space for this street.  There is only 1 entrance into this road which enhances some degree of privacy for the residents.


14. St. Nicholas View

There are more than 80 houses in this development which is directly opposite 20161018_161831CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School.  Its close proximity renders it a popular choice for prospective parents who wish to place their daughters in the school.
Most of these homes are 2 storey 20161018_161840
with basement.  Shangri-La Playground is next to these houses.



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